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Grades are entered under the Booking of grades menu item. Select the semester, the exam date and then the exam. A list of all the examinees will be displayed.

Enter the exam results in the Grading column as follows:

exam passed

Enter the grade as a three-digit number: 100 for 1,0; 130 for 1,3 and so on.

The status will be set to BE (passed) and the grade will be set accordingly.


The status will be set to BE (passed).

exam not passed


The status will be set to NB (failed) and the grade will be set to 500.


The status will be set to NB (failed).

did not turn up for the exam


The status will be set to NB (failed), the grade to 500 and the note to NE (did not turn up).


The status will be set to NB (failed) and the note to NE (did not turn up).

In case of cheating, enter TA.

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Save your entries by clicking on Speichern. After that, the rows will be highlighted in green (see also What should I do if the Interface not open error message appears?).

In the BewArt column, you can display the permissible grades and notes (see also What happens if I enter an impermissible value?).

In the Protokollanmerkungen (Statement for the record)column, you may add a text comment, such as the content of an oral exam.

Exam records for different types of examination are available to you, both individual and batch records. Select the appropriate exam records from the Protokolle (Exam Records) column, sign them and submit them to the examinations office:

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Please use the exam records according to the instructions given by the competent Examinations Office (see also How do I add a statement to the exam record?).

How to change grades: If you have saved the grades you entered, they can't be changed anymore by the examiner or the examiner support but only by the examinations office. If you need to change a grade later, click on the grade. A change protocol opens. Please complete the protocol and submit it to the competent examinations office.