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It is the examiner's task to register examinees for the resit exam. Please note that you should register the examinees to the resit exam in due time after you have entered their grades (see also How do I enter grades?). Those students are registered for the resit that have failed the first attempt of the exam on the first exam date (Schedule 01).

You can only register examinees for the resit, if there is a second exam date (Schedule 02) in the same semester for the exam in question. Please go to the Grant Exam Participation menu item and check if there is a second date.

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If that's not the case, please contact the competent examinations office.

Select the exam under Schedule 01 under the Grant Exam Participation menu item. If there are students that still need to be registered for the resit, you will find the Register retries button below the list of examinees.

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Click on the Register retries button to display an overview of all the students that need to be registered for the resit. Under Date, you can select from multiple resit exam dates. Now click on Register resits.

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After that, you will receive a notification confirming that you have successfully registered the examinees.

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