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Note no. 1:

It may not be possible to (re-)install the Cisco AnyConnect Client because of certain circumstances. This can be due to the fact that AnyConnect was previously installed on the Mac and the setup recognizes the "old" installation as still there. In this case please download the attached script. Open the file. The Apple Script Editor application will open. Now execute the script with it (Command key + R key, or "Execute" in the toolbar of the application). Please restart the computer afterwards!

Please restart your Mac afterwards. 

Download: AnyConnect_uninstall.scpt

Note no. 2:

During the installation you will be asked to select the features to be installed. At least "VPN" is required. The other program modules are optional. 
"Umbrella Roaming Security" must be deactivated.


  • at least macOS Version 10.13 (High Sierra), for further information see Release-Notes from Cisco
  • an activated user account of the University of Jena
  • administrator privileges (sudo)
  • internet connection