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If you want to insert comments or bibliographical references to a course, please proceed as follows:

Mark the text you want to insert and copy it to your clipboard by pressing Ctrl + C. Go to Friedolin and under My Courses choose the course you want to edit. Click on the Edit button. Under section 2 of the tabs, you'll find a tab for editing the supplementary information to a course (comments, bibliography etc.).

Click on the Bearbeiten tab, check Als Text einfügen from the drop-down list and confirm by clicking on OK. In the editor window that opens click into the white square. As the cursor is blinking, insert the text from the clipboard by pressing Ctrl + V.

Do not forget to save the changes in Friedolin by clicking on Submit. Check via the See Details link at the top right whether the formatting is correct and the text is readable.

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(The above method has been tested for the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. Using the menu delivers "Use keyboard shortcut!" in Firefox and Chrome, and "Confirm access of web application to cache!" in the Internet Explorer.)