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If you want to add a statement to am exam and have it included in the exam record (PDF file), first go to the Booking of grades menu item and select the exam in question. Click on the Edit button (the pencil icon) in the Protokollanmerkungen (statements for the record) column in the row of the examinee in the list of examinees.

In the editor window that opens, you may either directly enter a text or insert existing texts from a Word file. If you do the latter, mark the text you want to insert from the Word file and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl + C). Select Als Text einfügen (Insert as text) from the Bearbeiten (Edit)menu item which prevents formatting from Windows to be applied that might cause problems in the browser view. Save your changes in Friedolin.

Make sure to avoid special characters. If that's not possbile, insert amp; right after every character. For example, instead of & write &. This way you make sure that they will be correctly displayed in the Records PDF files (see the Protokolle column), too.

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