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Below you will find information, hints and manuals for working with groups in moodle.

These instructions are intended for users of the e-learning platform of the University of Jena according to their roles and rights.

Group modes 

Use the group function in Moodle to divide course participants into groups in individual activities or in the entire course and have them work in them.

You have three options in relation to groups:

No groups: All course participants belong to the overall group of the course. The course participants cannot see the list of participants.

Separated groups: Each group only sees the members of its own group - all other groups cannot be seen.

Visible groups: The groups work for themselves, but see the members of the other groups.

The first option - No groups - is activated by default in the course settings. If you want to choose one of the other two options, open the general settings of the course and select the desired option in the Groups section.

Afterwards, the course participants with student status can view the list of participants - either only their own group and its members can be seen or the other groups can also be selected and viewed via a menu.

Additional information


I would like my course participants to create groups themselves and others to join them.

To do this, use the activity free group allocation (Freie Gruppeneinteilung) and follow these steps:

  1. Create the activity Free grouping in a course. In the “General Authorizations” settings, check the option “Participants can create groups” and “Participants can determine the group names themselves”. Go to "Save and View".
  2. All course participants who are not yet in a group can now create a new group.

  3. You can check whether the students can now also create the groups if you change roles. To do this, go to your profile in the upper right corner and click on "Change role" in the drop-down menu. In the student role, you can see what the students see.

further information on free group allocation:

Titel: "Working with groups"

Stand: 25.11.2021