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Below you will find information, hints and manuals for testing in moodle.

These instructions are intended for users of the e-learning platform of the University of Jena according to their roles and rights.

What should be considered when performing digital exams?

To prepare, take a look at the timing of digital exams

Archive exams

The process of archiving digital exams is currently under construction. The exams remain stored on the URZ's servers until the digital archive is available. In the future, there will be an interface on the examination server via which the lecturers can generate signed PDF-A files with a click of the mouse and then send them to the archive. You will be informed as soon as the interface is available.


In short: We do not recommend the use of mobile devices for online exams, as problems and errors in the presentation of questions can arise. 

In formal terms it ist possible to open the examination server of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena ( with any device using a current browser.

However, you should note that Moodle version 3.9 is running on the server and is optimized for desktop applications. The separately available Moodle app is not available at the University of Jena. Moodle can only be accessed on mobile devices via browser (e.g. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

To ensure that the exams run as smoothly as possible, we recommend opening the exam room in one of the latest browsers (e.g. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on a desktop device and making the display window and the content area as large as possible. Among other things, it helps to hide the left menu column via the hamburger menu (three lines in the top left corner) directly in the Moodle user interface.

Especially when using drag & drop and MC questions fields may not be displayed correctly or checkboxes may not be visible, if the screen display is too small, and the students may not be able to provide an answer.

In order to avoid such problems and errors, we advise against using mobile devices in test. Please inform the examinees accordingly in advance of the online exam.

How can I grant an extension of the writing time?

If you would like to grant an exam candidate an extension of his writing time, you can do this as follows:

  • open the exam
  • click on the gear top right and choose User changes (Nutzeränderungen) to add a user change

  • make the appropriate settings on the following page and save them

The set user change becomes active for the selected user.

Digital Exams

Information about digital exams can also be found on the e-learning pages of the University of Jena.

If you need any help …

… for technical questions

MMZ Moodle-Team

… for didactic-methodical questions

Service Point LehreLernen
Hotline: 9-401255
(monday, wednesday and friday 10.00 - 14.00)

… for legal questions

Legal Department

Training offers

The service point LehreLernen offers workshops on moodle on regular basis. You can register for this via the Qualifications Portal.

Titel: "Examine with Moodle"

Stand: 25.08.2021