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Below you will find information, hints and manuals all about enrollment.

These instructions are intended for users of the e-learning platform of the University of Jena according to their roles and rights.

If the course is linked to Friedolin, the course enrollment in Moodle takes place automatically, i.e. after successful admission of an occupied course, all courses in Moodle appear in the MY COURSES area.

If the event is taking place separately from Friedolin, the lecturer is responsible for registering for the course.

Why is the course not displayed in Moodle?

The lack of activation for a Moodle course room can have different causes. Please check the following points:

  • Have you been registered to the course?
    Check the status of your enrollment in the Friedolin - Online Study Management. In order to be transferred to Moodle, you must have the status "approved".
  • You keep being removed from the Moodle course?
    In this case it is likely that you were entered manually in the Moodle course, but do not have the status "approved" in Friedolin. The status is queried during the regular synchronization that takes place between Moodle and Friedolin. Participants who do not have the correct status will be removed from the Moodle course. In the event of such problems, please contact the lecturer in charge of entering the status correctly.

Self-enrollment with enrollment key

For courses that are not managed in Friedolin, enrollment keys are usually distributed by the person responsible for the respective Moodle course. With this key you can enroll yourself in the Moodle course. After successful enrollment, the course will be displayed in the MY COURSES area.

Application for guest access

Basically everyone with a URZ login has automatic access to Moodle. The registration takes place with the same access data that are also necessary for Friedolin. Guest access can only be requested for people who do not have a URZ login.

Call up the designated Moodle course room to apply for guest access. Open the list of participants and click on the gear wheel in the upper right corner. In the menu that opens, select the last entry apply for an account for external users. Fill out all mandatory fields in the form. The guest access is then released via the Moodle team.

The guest receives a system e-mail with their access data, which they can then use to log in using the guest access option on the login page.


Can I unsubscribe from a course myself?

No. Participants in a course cannot unsubscribe from it themselves. The Moodle team also does not carry out discharges from courses.

I can't enroll participants manually because I can't find them?

Users who are to be manually enrolled in a course must have registered in Moodle system at least ONCE, otherwise they cannot be found. Participants must have made themselves known to Moodle for this method.

Alternatively, the person you are looking for may already be enrolled in this course. Please check first whether this is the case.

Why do manually added participants disappear?

Manually added participants must NOT be in the list of participants in the Friedolin course catalog. If he / she has a status other than "approved", the manually enrolled participant in Moodle will be removed during the recurring synchronization between Friedolin and Moodle.

Check whether the participant is already in the Friedolin occupancy list (e.g. status "open" / "registered") and assign the status approved there.

How can I add more teachers to a Moodle course?

The simplest method is to add other teachers to an event using the Friedolin course catalog. After a successful change, these are then automatically transferred to the associated Moodle course room.

If you would like to assign teachers to a Moodle course independently of the Friedolin course catalog, you can do this manually in the participant administration using the Enrol users function and assign the appropriate role.

Please also note that a teacher who is registered as a student in the Friedolin course catalog (list of participants) and is then promoted to a teacher in Moodle will be reset to the status "student" with every daily synchronization. Manually added participants to a Moodle course should not be in the list for the course in the Friedolin course catalog.

How can I change the role of participants in my course?

Go to your Moodle course room and click on Participants in the menu on the left. An overview of the participants appears. In the third column you can see which role is assigned in each case. With a click on the pencil, you can adapt the role - select the desired new role and then click on save to confirm the role assignment.

Multiple roles can be assigned to a participant.

Titel: "Enrollment in a Moodle course room"

Stand: 25.08.2021