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Below you will find information, hints and manuals for communication in moodle.

These instructions are intended for users of the e-learning platform of the University of Jena according to their roles and rights.

The forum

Use the forum activity to exchange ideas with the participants in your course or to initiate exchanges with one another. A forum serves as:

  • Communication channel between students and between teachers and students
  • Organization tool e.g. for group or project work or to enable participants to upload material
  • Structuring tool, e.g. to support presentations, lectures, etc.

To activate forum tracking, you need to adjust the forum settings in your user profile. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. In the upper right corner of the window, click on your user account and select settings / set up forums.
  2. Activate the option yes, mark new posts in color in the follow forum / forum tracking section.

From now on, new forum posts are highlighted and you can tell at first glance that there is something new.

My participants cannot post in the forum

Then it is very likely to be the forum announcements, which is automatically created in each course room. If you want to use a forum in which you can write, you have to add a standard forum to the course room.

If necessary, also check whether a group mode is activated and the participants are in the correct group in order to be able to write entries.

The chat

With the chat function, Moodle offers a tool for synchronous communication between teachers and participants.

  • can only be used by a maximum of six people at the same time
  • can only be used in a specific, definable time slot and is therefore not permanently available
  • is therefore best suited for an exchange of limited time and content, such as online consultation hours or for communication between (project) groups and teachers
Additional information

Titel: "Communication in the Moodle course room"

Stand: 25.08.2021